BLEACH MY BUTT Premium Intimate Whitening Cream (2oz)

  • BLEACH MY BUTT Premium Intimate Whitening Cream (2oz)

BLEACH MY BUTT Premium Intimate Whitening Cream (2oz)

  • LIGHTENS NATURALLY With kojic acid, niacinamide, and arbutin these powerful lightening ingredients work with synergy to make a natural lightening treatment like no other. No chemicals on your privates.
  • NICE TO YOUR SKIN with emollient coconut oil, your skin won't only be lighter, it will be softer and more supple. That's what makes this intimate skin whitening cream the best on the market.
  • PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE AREAS coconut oil keeps your skin baby-bottom soft. Use a product that you can trust won't do harm.
  • THE REAL THING Years of research and testing went into creating this fantastic intimate bleaching cream. Once you've given it some time to work, you will be glad you decided to try Bleach My Butt.
  • THE DO ME GUARANTEE If you don't experience significant lightening with Bleach My Butt, just contact us and we will refund your money without any need to return your opened bottle.

Looking for some lightness where the sun don't shine?
You just swiped it!

Bleach My Butt is a highly potent skin-lightening cream designed especially for intimate areas.

Naturally Lightens

Bleach My Butt uses Kojic Acid, Arbutin and Niacinamide. These are powerful, natural ingredients that make the pink happen. See results fast--usually in less than 20 days.

Skin Lightening Chemistry

Kojic Acid is clinically proven to lighten skin. Arbutin and Niacinamide have been proven effective in many studies. This product works!

More Than A Lightener

Bleach My Butt contains Coconut oil, a superb emollient that’s also moisturizing. Help keep your bottom as smooth as a baby's.

Bleach My Butt is GUARANTEED to Lighten Your Privates

- Natural whitening ingredients are safe on your sensitive skin
- Easy-to-use Squeeze Tube
- Paraben, sulfate, and phthalate free
- Made in USA


If Bleach My Butt doesn't help lighten your bits, just let us know and we'll refund your purchase 100%. You can keep the used bottle.

Start lightening your intimate areas naturally—with Bleach My Butt!

What are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of Bleach My Butt intimate skin lightening cream before it’s sold out!